Normal is so, if the calls market.

The Cagliari puts the game in safe, Maran fits Deiola and Thereau, but does not deal with the unleashed Church of launching Gerson (until then the worst) of rocket strikes and Cragno: 2-1 but the worries are over and Cagliari celebrates. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV From our correspondent Francesco Velluzzi

November 12, 2018 – Milan The Moto Morini Milan After the launch at EICMA 2017, the Moto Morini Milan is finally ready for series production. Born from the pencil of the designer Angel Lussiana and inspired icon 3 ½, the Milan shows the well-known engine Bialbero CorsaCorta V of 87 ° and 1,200 cubic centimeters (obtained with a bore and a stroke respectively of 107 mm and 66 mm) already approved Euro4 on Corsaro ZZ and ZT, but with mechanical components revised to give a still more fluid dispensing and full than in the past.

Morini The engine is capable of delivering a power of 116 hp at 8000 rev / min and a torque of 108 Nm at 7,000 rev / min. CHASSIS – The Moto Morini Milan has an upside-down fork 46 mm adjustable in each parameter and an adjustable shock absorber in preload, extension and wheelbase. The rear element is driven via a swing arm that works with a stroke of 110 mm (front wheel 120 mm).

As an option is provided for the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) of the fork legs so as to increase its fluidity and to ensure an even more attractive look and personnel. COMPONENTS – The braking system (ABS with two disconnectable channels) sees a double from 320 mm front disc with radial 4-piston calipers Brembo signed, combined with a rear caliper with two pistons acting on a 220 mm disc. The wheels with 17-inch wheels are equipped with Pirelli Angel GT tires.

Moto Morini Milan will be available in two colors (red and black, and black and blue) as of April 2019, at a price of 15,000 Euros. Alessandro Pastore

August 10, 2018 – Milan Suso. Lapresse intense days for Monchi. The Sports Director of the Roma did not have a moment to relax after returning from the US tour. Normal is so, if the calls market. However, for the Giallorossi, there is a risk not to complete the staff.

In fact, the latest record several hours cooling on all fronts. A general slowdown imposed by the will to choose carefully and the difficulty of satisfying the people’s economic demands. SEVILLE SALZBURG – Remains alive the track that leads to N’Zonzi. Sevilla midfielder gave his willingness to relocate in the capital, but its economic demands were considered excessive by Monchi. In addition, it also makes peep Barcelona, ​​with the specter of a new case Malcom.

If you discuss this issue again in the next few days. Definitely complex negotiations with Salzburg: the D.S. Austrian club, Freund, he has armored Samassekou. The deal is not compromised, but you will only at very high figures. HUNT OUTSIDE – There is not just the midfield in the thoughts of the Giallorossi.

The meeting with agent Alessandro Lucci to discuss the renewal of Florenzi also allowed to return to discuss the situation of Suso. The exterior Spanish like Monchi, but Milan is not willing to sell it without having found a replacement. The transaction can go through, but only starting from a base of 40 million.

A figure can be lowered by inserting a counterpart. The most popular name in this regard is Diego Perotti. An alternative? The idea was Leon Bailey Bayer Leverkusen. Closing by Rudi Voeller, D.S.

German clubs: the guy just moves in front of 50 million euro. Too many for Roma. ARTICLE ANDREA PUGLIESE COMPLETE THE OFFICIAL OUT NOW Bailey, the plays that have haunted the Roma Gasport © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

September 19, 2018 – Milan Simona Quadarella, which at the Gala of swimming in Rome took the scene of the star in the absence of the Divine, the boyfriend has perhaps found it does not say. Federica Pellegrini in Milan for fashion week, says the theme of love, from tomorrow to today: “I still believe in love, and I do not paranoia. The next boyfriend? Want beautiful, high (more than me) and dark.

Her blond I do not like. ” Confirmation workouts for Tokyo 2020 (Nico Sapio will return to Genoa in November 9 to 10), denies the love story with Alberto Tomba ( “We’re not together”). It’s still jealous? “They are much improved. Since I sfidanzata (Filippo Magnini, ed) “. Today is quiet. He admits, however, that with the former the scenes there have been (but not in public.

Only “in the home”).  The European silver sincronette and finalist of Miss Italy. Since the European silver sincronette and finalist of Miss Italy. From The Milan catwalks they have seen often the protagonist, and meanwhile the glamor and spectacle spoke Marta Murru, the Ligurian sincronette that just missed the title of Miss Italy finalist in Milan’s Beauty Contest after the European silver with the national and before returning to training from September 23 to Savona. “Now I think the maturity – he says – I deserved to take the crown?

I’m glad the same as being there arrived among the final 15, there were more determined girls, having never had to deal with that world, I did not know so well how to do, how it worked, but it went well. Yes, I was surprised. I thought it was that of the synchronized swimming the world’s most difficult, and instead what the show is even worse, there is also a lot of fiction keno russia instead of swimming the strangest thing. ” Stefano Arcobelli  @ sarcobelli

March 8, 2019 – London Bob Marley while playing football A blue plaque to Bob Marley. Who has visited London and has carefully looked at the streets, he knows the “blue plaque”, the circular plaques, stuck on the walls of homes, reminiscent of more or less famous people. “Here he lived from that year to this year,” the famous turn. In total, approximately 900 of which only 4% honors blacks or Asians, with an overwhelming majority of men.

In recent times things are changing though, and among the greats of the past that this Inglese Heritage has decided to dedicate a “blue plaque” is Bob Marley. MARLEY LONDON – Legendary Jamaican musician spent nine months in London. He lived at 42 Oakley Street, an elegant King’s Cross Road.

At the other end of the street begins the Albert Bridge, renovated in autumn 2011. In the days – unfortunately rare – sunny, Londoners stop half bridge to take pictures of sunsets on the Thames. Sometimes painters spend hours in portraying the new buildings of glass that look out on the south bank of the river.

At the end of the bridge, to the left of the direction of the brand, there is Battersea Park, a spectacular oasis of green inaugurated in 1858 and where, previously, they held their duels. Here, according to the chronicles, he was held January 9, 1864 the first codified football game according to the rules of the Football Association here and always played ten matches between 1864 and 1867 the Wanderers FC, winner in 1872 of the first FA Cup.

The son of Bob Marley singing his father’s songs: Ajax and the audience goes wild! MARLEY PLAYER – Exactly 105 years after the triumph in the FA Cup Wanderers FC, in the green areas of Battersea Park where today you can also enjoy rugby and cricket, played football Bob Marley, a great football enthusiast. The Evening Standard published a photo of the artist with the ball between your feet and the ever-present hat.

Beside him, friends who shared the London-based exile Marley had in fact moved to the British capital for security reasons. In those days, a regular guest of the 42 Oaklay Street was Cindy Breakspeare, a former model, born in Toronto to Jamaican father and Canadian mother, Miss World 1976. The report with the musician, was born in 1978.

Damian Marley, now among the best performers of reggae. GEORGE BEST – Oakley Street is a street football and music. Here lived a long time George Best, the fifth Beatle, the most talented British footballer of all time. Even Best, who was attending a pub in a parallel street, Chelsea Manor Street, now converted into small apartments, attended the Battersea Park.

No one has yet thought of placing a blue plaque at the house where the former Northern Ireland striker, who passed away in November 2005, spent an important part of life. For some time, precisely in one of the upper floors of the last house, with magnificent views of the Thames and the park, lived in Oakley Street as well Marco Tardelli, who was running in Battersea Park.

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